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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Wii

Even when you're 60'ish, a fun thing to do is anything with the Wii!

Our family is no stranger to gaming; 4 Grown children who "aced" Mario and Pac-Man in their youth, 8 grandchildren with long resumes in Roller Coaster Tycoon and Halo. I've danced away a pound or two with X-Box Dance Revolution and hubby has hunted big game in Africa and fished from the banks of the Amazon.

But the Wii...Oh my! I love the Wii! Of course we bowl, like all those elders from any respectable nursing home, but it's more than bowling. Not to sound like a paid ad, but the Wii is the best gaming system for all ages.

And if you have adult children, you know how they feel about parents. They have no desire to play with their parents in public or private. Don't bother them unless it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a family member's visit from out of state. They're there for Medical Emergencies, but play-time is spent with their friends.

We accidentally started a Wii "family party night" when the kids
(I know, I know they are young adults... but to me...they're kids) were invited to see our new toy and judge if it's age-appropriate for us. When hubby whipped them all at 100-pin bowling, they were back the next week without invitation. No way would they allow that win to stand!

Now, they don't call to verify date and time. They're here before the remotes are handed out. One good thing about playing with adult kiddos is you never hear, "but Mom, his nun-chuck cover is blue and I want the blue one!"
Thank God!


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