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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Seller got ya blocked?

Have you tried to purchase from an Ebay seller and found access to their items denied? Blocking buyers is a little known safety valve for a seller being harassed and tormented by a disgruntled buyer. The problem with the system, I believe, is that the lists of obnoxious customers are often circulated among sellers without verification.

I admit I have my only little list of "banned buyers," but I've never added a single one from the list of someone else. What I find offensive - might not be offensive to someone else; Likewise, something that sends me into a melt-down might not bother another seller at all. Personality conflicts happen, even through e-mail. No, I won't ban a customer because of another seller's issue with them. And after 8 years of selling, my list of banned buyers is very very short. I believe that almost anything can be worked-out in a respectful manner: Offer a partial refund, a discount off their next purchase, or replace the item entirely. I've learned from experience there is always a compatible solution if you communicate with each other.

Here are a few things that WILL get you banned from a favorite seller!
And believe me, they happen!

1. Destroying an item before you mail it back for a refund because you bought the wrong color.

2. Receive the item, leave "good" feedback, then do a chargeback on your credit card for a refund (claiming your 3 year old actually made the purchase)!

3. Refusing to pay until 1 hour before the 30 day notice ends.

4. Send argumentative, demanding emails every hour until your item is received.

5. Leave a Negative feedback because drapes were green instead of blue, which was stated in auction title, auction description and in email when you requested confirmation of the color.


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