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Friday, September 4, 2009

Ralph Lauren Fabric

Ralph Lauren Bedding Collection Fabrics!

I just received some new fabric from Ralph Lauren for my custom shams; Cote D'Azur, Palm Harbor, Home Lake! All gorgeous fabric and lovely collections...

I often receive requests from customers to purchase Ralph Lauren fabric "by the yard" from his elegant bedding collections. I rarely list fabric, especially larger pieces of fabric.

Fabric for Ralph Lauren's bedding collections is produced for manufacturing only and not retail sales. You won't find a piece of fabric to match your bed linens in a "by the yard" fabric store. Ralph Lauren doesn't sell fabric from those collections in that manner.

Ralph Lauren fabrics by the yard can be found at nicer fabric stores. But these fabrics are heavier-weight, drapery fabric. You might find a complement to your bedding collection; a contrasting color or pattern, but you won't find the exact match to a duvet or sheet set in a fabric shop.

Since I purchase factory remnants, I receive the exact same fabric as the bed linens. Any items sewn by me will be an exact match to your collection!

I've been selling Ralph Lauren (and other designer) fabric shams for 8 years. I'm familiar with many vintage patterns and get requests weekly to identify an older collection or pattern. My photo collection of vintage Ralph Lauren fabric is quite extensive. If you need a name or description of an older fabric, feel free to drop me an email!



  1. I am very interested in the Lauren Pattern featured in your logo above. I have some pillow shams in that pattern. What is the name? Do you have any items from the line or any fabric? Where do I look? Help Help! Please reply to

  2. Hello, Are you talking about the Red and Gold fabric in the post above.

    That fabric is from Ralph Lauren and the name is "Jardiniere"

    It would be very difficult to find any of that fabric. Occasionally, you might find some for auction on Ebay. But it was "retired" several years ago and no longer produced by Ralph Lauren.

    Every now and then I make the custom hand towels with Jardiniere on the hem. But--all I have are very small scraps of this fabric.

    You can see all my auctions at