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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The good ole days and the simple life!

I Hope everyone received the very best from their Christmas Wish List!

My oldest grandson was thrilled to receive item #1 on his wish list this year. All he wanted was an IPOD TOUCH. A hand-held device for music and photos about the size of a cell phone. I mean this thing is little with more storage space than my desktop computer.

My grandson, now an eighteen-year-old electronic gadget guru, (or maybe I should say: Electronic Gadget Collector) was a mere babe of 2 years old when we got our very first Computer. Simple back then, computing meant No frills - No Windows - No Mouse - and storage space was less than a very small game would be nowadays. It was simple input through keystrokes on a black screen controlled by the big C:\DOS.

At 2 years old, it didn’t take much to make my grandson happy. Bold letters printed on 3x5 index cards pointed to his favorite games.


He didn’t know how to read but he knew if the letters were punched into the keyboard in the exact order as printed on the card, he would enter the wonderful world of gaming. Small games, simple games, a young boy could count, color or create sims for hours.

As simple as they were, even those early games could be violent. It took a steady firing finger to kill all the space invaders before they exploded on your head. And running for your life through a neon flashing maze while multi-colored, chomping circles are hot on your tail can be downright scary!

Ahh, the "good ole" days and the simple life.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

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