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Sunday, August 25, 2013

I think I have too Many Irons in the Fire - and I'm not talking Proctor-Silex

I've finally figured out why I can't seem to keep this blog updated.

This is my kick-back and let it all hang out blog.

My fun blog! A place where I can enjoy writing without re-writing  2,000 times.

It doesn't have to be perfect--it's just has to be ME :) No one is reading with a Dictionary or Thesaurus on their lap. We're just real people talking everyday issues. That's why I like this Blog--

Why I don't like it is TIME --the Lack Of time. LatelyI have no time for such nonsense as fun, enjoyment, recreation, respite or pleasure. What must I be thinking to want such things! 

As soon as the pile of books to be reviewed has stopped it's upward march so that I can see over the top, I accept 5 more books. Before the last "special order" from Ebay has jumped onto the UPS truck, I answer mail and accept a new one. When I've finally mastered, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram, I sign up for "ScoopIt."

I have a headache, but I think I've finally figured out that I have a big issue with the word "NO!" I can't pronounce it, write it, or SAY IT! 

I was in the process of creating a new Facebook Page this morning when my brain rebelled and screamed! NO! You don't need another Facebook Page, another Blog, another new Fabric, another Website. You don't need it!

And I finally see that I don't! So right now I'm trying to organize my time better. Have you been in that boat? I bet you have--

If you have any hints to better my organization skills or a simple way to add a couple more hours to my day-- jump on in here and give me some advice--


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