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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who says internet friends aren't "real friends?"

Who said internet friends can't be as close as "real friends?" Who ever said it, is Wrong!

First, I must apologize. I'd barely begun construction on this site when I became ill myself.

This has never been an informative blog, but more a billboard for my other online endeavors; blogs, online selling sites and chit-chatting with other crafters much like myself.

Then I became ill and thought of closing this blog as one less commitment for my overburdened online activity. Then I thought of "Fried Spaghetti," and "Lottery Tickets," and Hand made Candles by Marilynn (Aroma Fields Candles).

Online friends for many years, Marilynn and I talked crafting and grandchildren and websites and Facebook and many other things that united us as friends.

But Marilynn passed away a few years ago after a valiant battle with Pancreatic Cancer. And though most of our conversations were private email, this blog became one more place for us to connect as she'd comment on my blog or I would comment on hers (Aroma Fields BlogSnippets from a  friendship. This became a place where I could visit and read her words, hear her laughter and re-connect with the spirit of the pleasant woman that had become my good friend.

Marilynn began her battle with Pancreatic cancer with grit and determination, extending her life by two years. Her brother had no such option only the year prior. I respected Marilynn and the valiant battle she made to be there for her children and grandchildren. 

As I thought back (after the intention to close this blog) I knew I could not do it, not delete it without thought. It's my only place to share a little piece of myself with Marilynn.

The Elderly have better Odds
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