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The "new name" is Gingham Country and the author is me: Sandysgingham. If you're following me here, you might want to change your "follow" to the new site--

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Address for this blog--

Here I am begging forgiveness one more time. Don't ya just hate whiners? I know, me too.

I have numerous blogs so I'm running around the internet with arms flailing and head spinning while I'm trying to remember what I'm to do next.

It finally dawned on me to try and combine a few things. I'm a baby-boomer, ya know. I think slower than some others.

So I've been working on it. I'm building a blog that combines many aspects of my blogging into one compact, home.


The name is Gingham Country and the author me: Sandysgingham. If you're following me here, you might want to switch your "follow" to the new site--


If you drop by sooner there may be some sawdust flying but few messages of interest. You're welcome to come by and leave me a note if you like, but there will be little to read for a couple weeks.

You might want to sign up, just so you don't forget me :) I knew you wouldn't. But if I get your email there, you'll receive My Construction posts as they appear on the blog and I can't guarantee how plentiful they'll be.

Come on over whenever you like
I'll be delighted to see you


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