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The "new name" is Gingham Country and the author is me: Sandysgingham. If you're following me here, you might want to change your "follow" to the new site--

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1,000's of Brand New Sewing patterns
McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity, New Look, Vogue, Style

Join us at Sweet Sewing Patterns for an assortment of patterns, plus everything else needed for a sweet sewing room! Daily News articles about sewing or anything Arstsy Craftsy!

And lots of fun, news, hints, tips and more


When my mom passed away with Alzheimer's approx 5 years ago, I realized I was learning more about the disease after her death than I knew while a caregiver. My hope with this blog was to help others to cope with Alzheimer's or Dementia while their loved ones need it most.
Learning and sharing information to support loved ones with Alzheimer's and Dementia-- 

The Retired Husband 

Since I became ill shortly after creating this Blog, I must apologize for the lack of posts. Most of my time now is spent coping with COPD and caring for our two grandchildren.

The Smart Linen Closet Blogs

And do we ever! we talk about 
linens and designers and comfy bedding
and much much more! Stop by if you have a chance!

Shrewd Foods
Lots of talk about good foods
that are good for you
with a few yummy recipes thrown in!

Bed Bath and More
Talking about all things that make Living Pleasant!
Bed, Bath, Kitchen, Den, Patio, and lots of DIY


Do you enjoy blogging? What do you blog about?

Come Visit US at our brand new Home,
or any of the sites above....

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